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kml maker for Excel -> Google Earth

I made a userform that quickly and easily allows you to make a kml file that’s readable by google earth based on some excel dataset that has coordinates.


  • Simple and advanced modes
  • userform for convenience
  • Icons change when highlighted
  • Allows html to be passed to popup contents, everything is customizable
  • Issue a default icon, and change icons for specific points
  • Change colours and opacity for points via easy dropdowns
  • Pass data from excel columns to the popup for each point

I’ve taken the liberty to make an excel file with the form, and some examples and showcasing the features so you know how to do it. Check it out and please provide comments!

Google earth kml maker.v.1.3 «

This is what the form looks like:


And resulting maps can have this much variety, all controllable from the form: