Chick flicks


Action movies

Is there any difference?

It's the age old question...

What's better... chick flicks or action movies? A discussion we have all had a thousand times but here's a better question: Is there any observable difference between them? Let's pick out 10 movie scripts, 5 action movies and 5 chick flicks. These movie scripts are our champions, battling it out once and for all... the spoils? IMMORTALITY. Nah, just kidding, let's just see if there's any difference.

The Chick Flicks:

The Action Movies:

Analysis preview

So let's see how far we get with traditional charts, then let's do sentiment analysis and see what comes out. If you're impatient, jump ahead using the images below. If you're REALLY impatient, go to the conclusion (but since I don't approve, you get no hyperlink):

Check out the entire analysis on github!


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