Let me work with you to identify and implement simple, efficient, and robust solutions to your data/technology challenges

My vision is to help create a world where everyone can use technology to accomplish their missions more efficiently by helping to think out corporate strategy, eliminate roadblocks, and empower staff to be independent.


No-blame culture

People don't make mistakes. Processes and governance structures, however, can be unrealistic and fail.

Fail fast

Generating accurate user requirements is much trickier than people think. Quick iteration will get us there faster.

Titanium duct tape

One-size-fits-all doesn't work, but custom solutions are expensive. Solution? A hybrid! Use what works and build the rest.

Start where you are

When upgrading solutions,it can be tempting to try to build "the perfect system". However, it's more practical to build the minimum requirements first, and add features later.

People are tech constraints

No technical solution will be successful without 3 things: training, proper governance, and management support. Consider the humans!

Pit of success

The correct technology and strategy makes it easy for people to do the right thing and difficult to do the wrong thing.


These are the services I can help with


Executive services

Working with top management to demystify technology

  • Corporate data strategy
  • Combining data streams
  • Automation case-studies
  • Pros/cons of CRM systems
  • AI & machine learning


Helping beginner, intermediate, and advanced analysts become problem-solving ninjas

  • Certified R instruction
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Excel / VBA
  • Data analysis theory

Data Science

When you know what you need, you just need a hand

  • Static/Interactive visualizations
  • Natural Language Proccesing
  • Social Network Analysis
  • R library architecture
  • Extraction/Transformation/Loading
talks and competitions


I have presented at multiple venues internationally. I like speaking and providing leadership because it provides a good opportunity to make a statement about something I know about, and then to see what other views exist. I have learned great things from the contacts and friends I’ve earned by public speaking. You should present as well!

LondonR 2020

Testing, Testing, Testing, 123! --

EARL London 2019

R is for Reconciliation: how machine learning is helping Colombia move forward --

Social Data Society - 2018

  • ACDI/VOCA toolset -
  • Why should we care about Social Network Analysis? -

Data4Good 2018

Data Tools: Databases and CRM systems | Efficient tools for managing data

Humentum Annual Conference 2018

From Raw Data To Real Insights: A Data Management Approach That Works -

MERL Tech London 2018

LEAP, and How to Bring Data to Life in Your Organization -

MERL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning) COP Learning Event 2017- Tanzania

  • Data Cleaning -
  • Learning, Evaluation & Analysis Platform -

Ethiopia Theory of Change Evaluation TOPS 2017

  • Data collection tools -
  • Understanding Phase 3 of Data Processing -
  • Ethiopia Viz & modelling -
  • Spatial Analysis 1 pager -

EARL London 2017

Making International Development Data Not Useless - -


As competitor:

Society for International Development (SID) 2019

DBBUDDY - Offline data collection for impact--
Innovation competition finalist

As Judge:


  • Covid Tech Support - partner finder Tech4Good 2020 Award
  • R instructor - Datakind UK (Social Data Society)
  • Covid Virus Tech Handbook - Data section owner
  • R4ds Mentor
  • Canterbury, UK Rusers founder
  • Accra, Ghana Rusers founder

Amit Kohli, MSc

Amit is an RPI alumnus, and environmental engineer turned data strategist. He started his career collecting and using environmental data to clean soil and water, then disseminated water data with UN-FAO’s AQUASTAT. Recently he stepped down from his role as Data Director at ACDI/VOCA in order to pursue wider consulting and volunteering interests.

Amit’s deep commitment to empowering underprivileged communities comes from his experience growing up in 'developing countries' and witnessing every extreme in living conditions. As a person of Mexican and Indian heritage, Amit values diversity and is a proud advocate of women and minorities in the workplace.

Deep discounts are available for charities, NGOs, UN organizations, or anyone working towards empowering the disenfranchised (including some pro bono work).